COMAND Solutions

Intranets & Web Portals

Whether you need an internal system to effectively manage operations and communicate with employees or want to share information with customers and partners over a private network, COMAND Solutions has the answer to streamline your business.

Team Portals

A hosted intranet portal provides a place for your employees to securely access company documents, information and data from any web browser. COMAND Solutions organizes your existing operations while allowing you to manage your website and intranet portal from a single interface.

Client Portals

A web portal is a secure, password-protected system designed for a company to conduct business with partners and customers over an internet connection. A client portal provides trusted business partners and/or customers with access to select information and systems.

» View our System Diagram for a full-view of how intranets, portals and websites work together.

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  • Provide an up-to-date company directory for employees and customers.
  • Manage events and important dates.
  • Stay organized with task management and alerts.
  • Increase efficiency with customized workflow management.
  • Encourage collaboration with a blog, bulletin board or discussion forum.

Document Management

  • Centrally manage documents, files and other content
  • Version control
  • Share files and documents through a secure network connection
  • Support for multiple file types (docs, pdfs, images, videos, html and more)
  • Find the files you need with a quick and easy keyword search.


  • Monitor valuable data and metrics with reports tailored to your business.
  • Generate department, customer, or vendor-specific reports.
  • Review account statements and invoices.

Control Access & Content Delivery

  • Assign permissions and control access to an individual user or entire user group. 
  • Grant authorization to specific suppliers, customers or companies.
  • Establish secure sign-in and verification processes.
  • Assign editorial approval and distribution rights to individual users.
  • Limit access to confidential documents, pricing, policies, and functionality

Security & Reliability

Benefit from being a COMAND Solutions customer with our top-of-the-line hosting setup. Rest assured that your documents and data are safe and secure. Your company information remains safe and secure and your customers can trust that their privacy is protected.


Incorporate your existing back-office software and data. Integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint, Payroll Services, Accounting management software, translation services, and additional third-party service providers.