COMAND Solutions

E-commerce and Web Application Development

Custom e-commerce and web applications that are rich in interaction, content, and features.


Whether you need a simple PayPal integration, or a customized ordering system for high volume sales, COMAND Solutions can help you create an effective e-commerce system.

  • Manage a limitless number of products in your product catalog
  • Organize products by category, tags, or a custom scheme
  • Customize taxes by product, group of products or store-wide settings
  • Handle shipping costs per product or by product attributes (small, medium, large)
  • Define each product with custom attributes, such as size or color, all determined by you and your inventory system
  • Securely store credit card numbers and other sensitive information with encryption


Create and manage customized databases that store all types of information—text, numbers, photos, audio, video, documents and other important assets

  • Secure log in required for users to edit and manage databases
  • Limit editorial rights by user role to control access to certain databases, columns, and records
  • Unify databases for management in the same interface as all other content making it easy for non-technical users to access and modify database records
  • Validate manually entered database records to reduce errors and improve data integrity
  • Import and export database records in a number of formats to local or remote servers
  • Maintain a complete history of modifications and easily restore saved content with version control
  • Automatic database backup replication to a secondary server for full disaster recovery


Get the facts and figures you need to shed light on your data with charts and graphs.

  • Gain insight with comprehensive web traffic analytics
  • Track and evaluate product, service, and employee performance
  • Analyze survey results
  • Generate financial facts and figures

Managed Hosting

COMAND Solutions provides comprehensive hosting solutions to meet your exact needs. We pride ourselves in providing a fully-managed hosting environment, complete with firewalls, user authentication, and encryption, that's always online and scales to any size and volume.