COMAND Solutions

Fully-managed Hosting Services

Our robust hosting services ensure a long-term, trouble-free solution and peace-of-mind.

COMAND Solutions provides comprehensive hosting solutions to meet your exact needs.  We pride ourselves in providing a fully-managed hosting environment, complete with firewalls, user authentication, and encryption, that's always online and scales to any size and volume.

Hosting services from COMAND Solutions are backed by our knowledgable support staff.

Our support team is in-house only, never outsourced, to ensure quality and timely responses.

  • Available 7 days a week.
  • On-call 24 hours a day.

Our hosting solutions check all your boxes.

  • Tier-1 Redundant Hosting

Your website is hosted at two secure, geographically separate Tier-1 data centers for full redundancy.  Each data center meets our strict security, reliability and performance requirements.

  • Automatic Fail-over

In the event of a failure, your system will automatically fail over to a secondary data center, keeping your system online and accessible.  Once the issue is resolved, service will be automatically restored to the primary data center.

  • Disaster Recovery

All system components are mirrored from the primary data center to the secondary data center to prevent loss via hardware or even facility failure.  Full file, database and CMS backups are archived and can be restored within minutes.

  • Optimized Servers

Data centers, networks, servers and software are fine-tuned for fast, responsive access.

  • System Monitoring

Our system experts monitor the data centers, networks, servers and software around-the-clock; responding quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise.

  • Software Updates

All system software is kept up-to-date with security patches and stable updates, including the content management system, web server, database, programming libraries, operating system, etc.